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Rural Financial Counselling Service

New South Wales

Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW: 
Delivering Better Outcomes for NSW Farmers

Following one of the toughest 12 months on record for regional communities, the Australian Government recently announced Rural Financial Counselling Service NSW (RFCS NSW) service footprint will extend to the central region of NSW from 1 July 2021 to deliver the refocused 2021-24 Rural Financial Counselling program.

RFCS has been helping primary producers in need for more than 30 years, and this result will allow us to drive better outcomes for clients, helping more farmers and small business owners recover from the recent barrage of natural disasters and economic shocks and build a clear plan for the future.  

We are working closely with RFCS Central team to minimise any disruptions to clients and stakeholders through the changeover period and look forward to continuing this work in the southern and central regions of NSW to support a more sustainable, resilient and profitable primary production sector. 

For more information about the program and announcement: visit the 
National Recovery & Resilience Agency

Our Farming and Small Business Philosophy

Our Farming and Small Business Philosophy informs our service delivery model and reflects our belief that to have a successful, financially self-sufficient business there needs to be alignment between the business, the business owner, the family and the business support network. This philosophy reflects our belief that business planning is key to success.



The business needs to be set up with a viable business model and structure, and appropriate capital and finance.

SUCCESS INDICATORS (Business & Financial)

Financial management, business planning, business management, risk management, decision making, regulatory compliance, employee management.


The business owner needs to have an understanding of the financial management of the business. They need to be mentally and physically well, able to think clearly about risks and have a clear decision-making framework.

SUCCESS INDICATORS (Business Leadership)

IT literacy, adaptability, stress management, maintaining good physical wellbeing.


Most rural businesses are family businesses. Family relationships need to be open and honest with clear plans for how farms and businesses will go through succession or industry exit.

SUCCESS INDICATORS (Internal Relationships)

Open communication, delegation of responsibilities, business exit planning.


To be successful in business an owner needs to surround themselves with good people who are going to challenge them and help them on their journey.

SUCCESS INDICATORS (External Relationships)

Building and maintaining effective relationships, collaboration, accessing resources.

Did you know we are a registered charity?

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RFCS Annual Report

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Being a member of RFCS makes you an ambassador for the important work we do and for our continued service the rural and regional Australia. 

We’d like to think that everyone would want to give their friend, neighbour and clients a leg up when they are in a tough spot. You’ll be the first to know about industry news, changes to assistance and funding- so you can spread the word.
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