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On Farm Assistance

Transport Assistance NSW

Transport Assistance provides support in three areas:

  • Natural disasters – assistance with the cost of transporting stock or fodder/water following a declared natural disaster.
  • Animal welfare – help with the cost of transporting stock where there is significant risk to animal welfare.
  • Donated fodder – help with the cost of transporting donated fodder from within NSW to drought affected properties.

The following funding is available:

  • Natural disasters – up to $15,000 is available.
  • Animal welfare – up to $20,000 is available.
  • Donated fodder – up to approximately $7,500 is available.

    Are you eligible?
    Eligibility for natural disasters, animal welfare and donated fodder differ from each other.

    • Visit for all of the information you will need to access these services.

      Or contact your RFCS officer to chat about whether this assistance is best for you.