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About Us

Rural Financial Counselling Service

Our Region

  1. We cover 34 Local Government Areas.
  2. We cover an area of 217,279.9 km2 which is 2.5% of Australia’s land mass.
  3. Our region contains 1,375,380 people which is 5.5% of the total population.
  4. Our region produces $5.5 billion in agricultural output which is 10% of the total output for Australia.
  5. 40% of our population is over 50. 20.6% of the regions population are above 65.
  6. 25,000 people in our region are employed in the Agriculture industry.
  7. There are 77,721 businesses in our region and 14,045 are in agriculture the next seconded by the construction industry at 13,794 businesses.

Our Service

We help 750 financially distressed farmers a year to:

  1. understand their financial position and the viability of their enterprise;
  2. develop and implement plans to improve their self-sufficiency; and
  3. identify, apply and meet the requirements of Government assistance

200 clients exit our service a year because we have helped them to:

  1. Improve their financial viability; or
  2. Sell their property and exit the industry

It costs the Government $8,800 per outcome.

A small price to pay to support farmers and their families to exit the industry safely and with dignity or to improve their financial viability.

Our Staff

We employ 25 highly qualified Rural Financial Counsellors and Administrative staff

Our Counsellors are located within key agricultural communities across our region.

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