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Rural Financial Counselling Service

Southern Region – New South Wales

A brighter future

We’re here to help you work towards a brighter future – whether it’s ongoing drought, poor production, declining markets or anything else affecting your business and your life. Our Counsellors can identify options and work towards a brighter future for you.

We help primary producers, fishers and small rural businesses. Our service is free and our Counsellors and organisation are professional, independent and discreet. Your confidentiality is assured.

What can we assist you with?

On Farm

Search here to find assistance that is right for your farming enterprise.


Take some of the pressure off your farm spend by getting a hand at home.



We all need help sometimes. Look through these resources to see what what fits for you.

Helpful Articles 

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Being a member of RFCS makes you an ambassador for the important work we do and for our continued service the rural and regional Australia. 

We’d like to think that everyone would want to give their friend, neighbour and clients a leg up when they are in a tough spot. You’ll be the first to know about industry news, changes to assistance and funding- so you can spread the word.
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Did you know we are a registered charity?