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About the service

So, what is RFCS and how do we help?
The Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) is a national service with 10 independent providers (2 in NSW) RFCS aren’t government organisations, however, we are government funded. What does that mean for you? Well, we are independent and offer unbiased guidance that is all about what is best for farmers, foresters and fishers. We give our clients a hand up to improve their agribusinesses through looking at where they have come from, where they’re at, develop goals and put plans in place to achieve whatever those goals may be.

We are here when times are tough to navigate through assistance options and help with financial institution negotiations. We are here to help with those tough conversations and to work alongside you as create the future you have dreamed about for yourself and your family.

Our RFCs are highly qualified in their individual fields of expertise and have completed their Financial Counselling diplomas in addition to their core qualifications. We have a vested interest in rural Australia and in the success of farmers who are the backbone of the communities we live and work in. 

So  make the call. Have a chat. Create strategies for a better business.

RFCS NSW   1800 319 458       

RFCS NORTHERN   1800 344 090

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